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Timothy Durkin, DO

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Dr Durkin joined the Orthopedic Associates team in Spring 2023 after practicing in Albuquerque, Shiprock and Durango. He is board certified in both emergency and sports medicine.

He studied biomedical engineering at Vanderbilt University in Nashville and worked as a paramedic before attending medical college at Pikeville University in Kentucky. He completed residency at Einstein Medical Center, the busiest trauma hospital in Philadelphia, and fellowship at the University of Florida (Go Gators!). He is excited to be part of the great team at Orthopedic Associates because of the kindness and technical expertise of both the surgeons and the staff, as well as the opportunity to care for patients in our beautiful region.

Dr Durkin is a non-operative sports medicine and orthopedic specialist, meaning he does not do surgery, but does provide the full range of non-surgical orthopedic and sports medicine treatments. Some of these treatments include injections, braces, casts, therapeutic home exercise programs or physical therapy. If a problem that could benefit from surgery is discovered, Dr Durkin will make sure all the needed scans and X-rays are done for speedy access to care with one of Orthopedic Associates’ experienced surgeons.

A focus area for Dr Durkin is using ultrasound in caring for patients. Ultrasound uses sound waves to see inside the body, and can be used to guide various types of injections in and around joints to maximize patient benefit and minimize pain. Ultrasound can often be used for diagnosis as well - saving patients time and expense while providing less discomfort compared to some other types of scans.

Explaining test results and treatment options to patients so they can understand their condition and participate in decisions about their care is very important to Dr Durkin. He is a strong believer in sharing decision making with patients, and enjoys helping patients learn the strengths and drawbacks in all of their options. From his prior experience working in emergency room medicine, he has seen the consequences of overmedication and overdose, and strives to minimize patient dependence on medications, particularly those that can be habit forming.

Throughout his career, Dr Durkin has been very involved in caring for patients as a mountain search and rescue volunteer, having responded to many calls for lost, hurt and sick people in the mountains and forests of New Mexico and Colorado. He has also participated in medical coverage for sports and special events as wide ranging as football from the high school to SEC level, NASAR Busch League races, World Cup Ice Climbing, and roughly a 1000 miles of ultras-endurance races.

When not caring for patients, Dr Durkin enjoys skiing, mountain biking, and hiking with his wife and playing with their two cats.


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